Any stove used for heating
can provide all your hot water ...

Also known as the THERMO-BILT COIL Also known as the THERMO-BILT COIL

... with a Thermo-Bilt Coil.

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         Wood stove, coal stove, corn stove, (even a traditional furnace), they all can be adapted with a Thermo-Bilt Coil, and eliminate hot water bills.

        The coil is a loop of stainless steel. It mounts inside your stove, and is a much cheaper alternative to heating your water by electricity or gas, delivering considerable cash savings in months and years to come.

         The Thermo-Bilt Coil works in tandem with your current water heater. Use the coil, or use your traditional water heater, the choice is yours. Get free hot water for the whole winter, or flip a switch, and your old water heater takes over.

         The coil is made of steel and built to last. Thermo-Bilt is the manufacturer, and is the coil's only distributor. Founded after the first U.S. energy crisis, more than 25 years ago, today their products are warranteed for life to the original owner.

         Thermo-Bilt will show you how the coil is installed. For those who do-it-yourself, the installation is shown step by step. But don't worry if you're not a professional. Your favorite professional can easily follow the same steps!

         Stop paying the electric company, or the oil company, or the gas company, for your hot water!

Eliminate hot water bills.

home products installation order home